Whittier Union High School District

To Achieve and Maintain Excellence

Criteria for Identification


Intellectual Ability:  A student demonstrates extraordinary or potential for extraordinary intellectual development.


Specific Academic Ability:  A student functions effectively at highly advanced academic levels in particular subject areas.


High Achievement: A student consistently produces advanced ideas and products and/or attains exceptionally high scores on achievement tests.


Creative Ability: a student characteristically

  • perceives unusual relationships among aspects of the students environment and among ideas.
  • overcomes obstacles to thinking and doing.
  • produces unique solutions to problems.

Leadership Ability: A student displays the characteristic behaviors necessary for extraordinary leadership such as:

  • effective decision-making
  • ability to gauge appropriateness and timing of decisions, directions or suggestions.
  • ability to communicate effectively with adults.
  • patience and the ability to interpret for others.
  • ability to inspire peers.

Visual and/or Performing Arts Talent:  A student originates, performs, produces, or responds at extraordinarily high levels in the arts.