Whittier Union High School District

To Achieve and Maintain Excellence

Curriculum & Instruction


Gifted students are able to take rigorous Honors and Advanced Placement courses, which require higher level thinking skills and offer, increased depth, complexity, and novelty of content.  Students learn advanced curriculum presented through a variety of advanced instructional strategies well-suited to the needs of gifted students instructional settings providing them opportunities to learn and employ critical thinking, collaboration, and simulation.


Honors classes currently offered at various schools are listed below:


English 1, 2, 3

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Math analysis

French 3, German 3, Latin 3, Spanish 4

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Ancient Civilization, World History, US History, Economics, and      Great Books


All honors and advanced placement courses of study meet or exceed the California State Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks, as well as meeting all standards set by the University of California and the College Board. 


Advanced Placement courses currently offered at various schools are listed below:


Art History, Studio Art

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Calculus AB & BC, Probability & Statistics

English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition

European History, U.S. History, Government, Psychology

Latin Vergil, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature


Not all GATE students needs are met through Honors and AP Courses.  Challenging college preparatory electives such as Introduction to Philosophy, Finite math, Great Books of Western Civilization, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology, and Probability & Statistics-P offer students the opportunity to pursue areas of specific interest to them.  Spanish for the Native Speaker 1 & 2 build on the primary language skills of many of our students and allow them to accelerate their language development.  The ten vocational academies offered throughout the district have articulated programs with community colleges and offer students the opportunity to pursue specific vocation interests.  Advanced visual and performing arts course offer an additional accommodation to individual student interests and needs and the opportunity to perform in public, if they wish.   This year several schools joined the National Art Honor Society, which will allow high achieving art students to be recognized through this organization, create a vehicle for publishing their work, and earn scholarships.


Rio Hondo College courses are offered at all five comprehensive sites both after school during the regular year and during the summer.  Among the courses offered are:


Art 110                     English 101                        Spanish 101

Counseling 101           Political Science 110            Speech 101

English 35                  Spanish 101