Bird w/ In School sign     Enrollment Procedure
In order for your student to be enrolled at Frontier High School,
the following is required:


            1.  Receive appointment time to enroll at Frontier
                 from APG at comprehensive high school.
            2.  BRING A PARENT! Parents and students must
                 attend the enrollment conference.
            3. Students coming from outside of the Whittier Union
                High School District must bring the following:
                    a. Individualized Educational Plan (if applicable)
                       Students who have a current IEP will be
                       required to bring a copy of the most recent
                    b. Transcripts. A copy of the student's most
                        recent transcript(s) including CAHSEE scores.
                    c. Immunization Records.
            4.  Bring a utility bill verifying your address
            5.  Arrive at Frontier Office Room 412 - on
                 time for your appointment.
            6.  Fill out enrollment paper work and attend
                 enrollment workshop lead by FHS Counselors.
           7.  Take a mandatory Reading & Math
                 placement test in the Frontier Lab - Room 409
*Arrive for your scheduled classes on time!
*Contact the Frontier High School office with questions at
(562)698-8121 ext. 1200