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The La Serna High School College Corner serves students, parents and staff as a resource for college, scholarship and financial aid information:



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California University Systems 
"A-G" Entrance Requirements


A.  2 years U.S. History/Social Science

B.  4 years English P

C.  3 years Math (Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2)  4 years recommended

D.  2 years Laboratory Science                     3 years recommended

E.  2 years Foreign Language                      3 years recommended

F.  1 year   Visual & Performing Arts

G.  1 year  College Preparatory Elective


A minimum grade of C is required


College Board tests required for the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU):

§ACT or SAT Reasoning & two (2) SAT Subject Tests (UC)

§ ACT or SAT Reasoning (CSU)