Pioneer High School

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Lilia Bozigian -Principal
July 1, 2016 - Present
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1989-Graduate of St. Paul High School
1995-B.A. Degree California State University, Los Angeles
2003-M.A. Degree California State University, Fullerton
Professional Work Experience:
1997-2007-English/AVID Teacher @ Pioneer High School
2004-2007-District New Teacher Advisor @ WUHSD
2007-2011-Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction @ PHS
2011- Present Assistant Principal, Guidance & Counseling @ PHS
 Annette Ledesma - Asst. Principal Business & Activities
September, 2011 - Present
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1990-Graduate of Santa Fe High School
1995 - B.A. Degree, Cal State Fullerton
2009- M.S. Degree, Cal Poly Pomona
Professional Work Experience:
Teacher, La Habra and  Santa Fe High School
2010-2011 Dean, Pioneer High School
2011- Present-Assistant Principal, Activities, Pioneer High School
Steven Rodriguez- Asst. Principal, Curriculum & Instruction
August 1, 2014 - Present
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1995-Graduate of El Rancho High School
1999-BA. Degree Social Science, Azusa Pacific University
2004-MA. Degree Education / Teaching, Azusa Pacific University
2007-MA. Degree Educational Leadership, Azusa Pacific University 
Professional Work Experience:
1999-2007-Teacher in El Rancho Unified
2007-2008 Dean of Students, El Rancho Unified
2008-2014- Assistant Principal, El Rancho Unified
Mary Champman - Asst. Principal Guidance & Counseling
Ext# 5030
Professional Work Experience: 
Craig Fox- Dean of Students 
2014 - Present
Ext# 5036 email
1978 - Graduate of Whittier Christian High School
1982 - B.A., English, University of Southern California
1998 - M.A., Teaching, Pepperdine University
Professional Work Experience:
1990 - 2008 - Teacher, Hacienda La Puente Unified School District
2009-2013 -Assistant Principal, Hacienda La Puente Unified School District
Victoria Cuevas, Director of Compensatory Education
Victoria Cuevas - Director, Exp. Horizons
July 1, 1985 - Present
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1974-Graduate of San Gabriel Mission High School
1974-1984  California State University, Los Angeles
           B.A. Degree
           M.A. Degree
        PPS Credential
Professional Work Experience:
1984-1985-School Counselor @ Paramount HS
1985-1995-Guidance Counselor @ Pioneer HS
1995-Present-Expanded Horizons Director @ Pioneer HS