Pioneer High School

Home of the Titans


(562) 698-8121 EXT. 5030/5031

(562) 907-6949 FAX


Guidance Office Hours: 7:30 - 4:00 p.m.

Any questions please call and ask for  Nancy Murrillo or Marianne Marquez, the Guidance office Clerks or Erma Quinn the school Registrar. J


It is the parents/guardians responsibility to provide all documents. The former school(s) should give you all the proper documents at time of check out.  Once we receive all documents we will schedule an appointment for you to see a counselor.


Proof of Address This must be a current gas, electric bill, trash or water bill, rental agreement, escrow papers or change of address Receipt from the D.M.V. in the parents/(Guardians) name. If you live with someone other than your parents you must provide court ordered papers and/or an Inter-district permit from the school of residence where the parents reside.


Immunization Records Immunization records are required, (Tdap, 4 polio, 4 DTP 1MMR & 3 Hepatitis) including proof of a TB test & Varicella  if you are entering in from another state or country.  If you have been out of California for 3 months YOU MUST get a TB shot before starting school.


o    Transcripts For students who are entering into 10th, 11th or 12th grade, we will need an unofficial copy of transcripts (which include all classes taken).

o    For students who are in 9th grade we will need a copy of their first semester grades.

o    Incoming 9th Grade we will need a copy of their last report card.


CAHSEE - For 11th and 12th grade students only.

Test scores for the California High School Exit Exam in Math & English.


Withdrawal Grades Current grades at the time of leaving former school.


Proof of Age Birth Certificate, Passport, Baptismal paper.


*I.E.P. If the student is in Special Education classes or is titled LH, SH, ED, or RSP We need the most recent copy of the I.E.P and Psychological Report.


*Language Assessment Test - An appt. will be scheduled for you by the Guidance Office.    


If you move or live out of our city/district attendance you must provide us with a permit and a report of attendance & discipline as well as transcripts.


Once all of the above items are received, an enrollment appointment will be scheduled for the student and parent to meet with a guidance counselor. Thank you.  J