Hey Juniors!

The month of February is here so make sure you keep your grades up!
Please keep our campus clean by picking up your trash!

Important Dates:

February 2­6: Kindness Week*

February 5: Class Comp*

February 5: Top 100

February 9: No school

February 12: Valentine’s Grams

February 13: King of Hearts

February 16: No School

February 20: Periods 0,1,3,5

February 25: Periods 1,3,5

February 27: Sadie Hawkins Dance

*Kindness Week:

Monday­ High­Five Day/Wear Red

Tuesday­ Compliment Day/Wear Purple

Wednesday: Take What you Need Day/Wear Pink

Thursday: Please & Thank ­You Day/Wear White

Friday: Spread the Love/Wear Black & Gold

*Class Comp: if you would like to participate in the class comp please let any junior ASB

member know.

There will be a class meeting this month so we can pick a song for lip sync. If you would like to be apart of lip sync just let any ASB member know. A text will be sent out to let you know what days practices are and what time.

If have any questions feel free to ask me. I am open to any ideas and would love to hear them!

Thank you,

Serena Moreno
- Your Junior Class President