Hey Juniors! 

Our first class meeting will be on Thursday, September 11th! We will be discussing the topics listed below. All of our class meetings will be held in room W1 with Mr. Cruz. I will let you know future dates for our class meetings. If you have any ideas and/or questions please bring them to the meeting.

Topics for the Night Pep Rally Meeting:

·       Theme

·       Music

·       Skit

·       Props/Construction

·       Clothing

·       Practice dates

Here are some other events that you should be looking forward to for the month of September!

  • Homecoming Top 3 voting September 23rd-25th
  • Announce Top 3 Homecoming Princess September 25th after school
  • Blood Drive September 26th
     -If you would like to donate blood please ask any ASB member to sign up
    - Must be 16 years of age or older

Thank you,

Serena Moreno
- Your Junior Class President