Telephone (562) 698-8121 Ext. 4030 or 4031    Fax (562) 651-1183


Guidance Office Hours: 7:30-4:00 p.m.

Any questions please call and speak to Mrs. Burciaga or Ms. Sanchez, the Guidance Office Secretaries.


It is the parents/guardians responsibility to provide all documents. The former school(s) should give you all the proper documents at the time of withdrawal. 


Proof of Residency, Utility Bill (gas, water or light bill with the name of parent enrolling student). 
Immunization records, early childhood and up to date immunization records. Date must include month/day/year.  May be obtained from current school.
Transcript if coming from another school for 10th-12th.
Withdrawal grades for all students.


Legal Responsibility Form and Caregiver Forms are no longer being accepted.  If you are a caregiver you must be that students legal guardian and have papers to prove it.  If the parent is living in the Southern California area the parent must obtain in Inter District Permit from the school of the parents residence.                                         


Residency Affidavits are no longer being accepted.  If you are living with someone in our attendance area you must prove residency by two the following:
1.     Change of address on Drivers License.
2.     Change of address from Post Office/ or valid piece of mail. (bank statement, vehicle registration, insurance bills, etc. If you have lived at the address for more than six months and plan to live at the residence for an extended period it is suggested that you put a utility in your names. 
I.E.P.- If the student is in Special Education classes or is titled LH, SH or RSP.  We need the most recent copy the I.E.P. and Psychological Report.
C.H.S.E.E.-  Test scores for the California High School Exit Exam in Math and English.