Whittier High School's guidance team strongly supports the academic performance, career development and personal growth of each student. Our goal is to assist students in their pursuits and to support them in the decision making process. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of encouragement so that each student is empowered to set and pursue goals as they prepare for their futures.
Office: (562) 698-8121 ext.2030   
Fax: (562) 907-6955
Assistant Principal of Guidance & Attendance
Guidance Office
Dean of Students Matt Tremper ext. 2036

A - Foster ;   College

ext. 2038
Fregoso - Hernandez ;   AVID
ext. 2035
Herrera - Perdomo ;    
ext. 2028
Orta - Santoyo;  CCA - Computer Academy
ext. 2029 
Sassam- Z;  Puente
ext. 2033
ext. 2034 
ext. 2050
Guidance Secretary
ext. 2031
Guidance Secretary Jennifer Silva ext. 2030
Attendance Coordinator
ext. 2042
Attendance Secretary
ext. 2040
Attendance Secretary
ext. 2041
School Psychologist
ext. 2039
Speech & Language Specialist 
ext. 2233 
Probation Officer
 ext. 2341
School Resource Officer
 ext. 2037