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Individual / Family Plans
Individual / Family Plans are available to those whose group health plan coverage is ending and wish not to enroll in COBRA. To be eligible, you must have been continuously covered for the three months immediately preceding the data of termination.
For Information on Individual / Family Plans Contact the Following:

Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield
(888) 273-0010
8am - 6pm Weekdays 

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser (Member Services)
(800) 464-4000
7am - 7pm Weekdays
7am - 3pm Weekends

Delta Dental

(800) 422-4234
5am - 6pm Weekdays

Vision Service Plan

Vision Service Plan
8am - 6pm Weekdays
Additional Information for Individual / Family Plans

eHealth Insurance

eHealth Insurance
(800) 977-8860
5am - 9pm Weekdays
7am - 4pm Weekends