(562) 698-8121
FAX NUMBER (562) 907-6937
Assistant PrincipalFernie Fernandez(x4010)
Activities SecretaryViviana Alvarado(x4010)
ASB BookkeeperAnita Flores(x4016)
Associated Student BodyASB Meeting Room(x4017)
Campus Operations SupervisorAndrew Theisen(x4019)
Activities DirectorCarol Judisch(x4211)
Activities DirectorAdrianne Karnofel(x4113)
Cafeteria ManagerKaren Muraviov(x4090)
Athletic DirectorSteve Hendry(x4081)
Band DirectorTerry Dawson(x4077)
Choir DirectorDavid Kwon(x4079)
Yearbook DirectorEricka Menick(x4405)

ASB Achievements


The Santa Fe High School Activities Program is continuously running strong. Santa Fe's ASB has won the California Student Activities Best Activities Program award sponsored by CADA and CASL for sixteen consecutive years! This prestigious award is yet another piece of Santa Fe High School's claim to never ending successes and excellence in all areas. Our high rankings in both academic and co-curricular areas truly show how well rounded and capable Santa Fe High School students are. Getting involved in activities is very beneficial and will allow students to become better connected and also have a more memorable high school experience. Don't be left out; there is something for everyone at every level!


Besides building a connection with other students and your school, students who participate in school activities tend to have higher grade point averages, better attendance records, and lower drop out rates. While instructional focus is a priority at Santa Fe High School, continual promotion of student involvement is embraced as well. We offer a variety of academic and co-curricular clubs and organizations that are centered on student support and add to the dynamics of the school culture. Athletics are also a huge part of the Chieftain pride and spirit that defines Santa Fe. The Activity Program at Santa Fe is comprised of: Student Government, Athletics, School Spirit, Performing Groups, and Clubs.
Activities Programs
Some of the activities programs at Santa Fe include the ASB Cabinet, all athletic teams and levels (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshmen), as well as performing groups such as Band, Color Guard, Choir, Dance, Drama, and Pepsters.

ASB Card
It is strongly suggested that students purchase an ASB card for $50.00 through the Business and Activities Office.  With an ASB card, students will save over $100.00 on various school activities and school purchases that include: dances, yearbook, school apparel as well as gaining free admission to all home football, basketball and wrestling contests.  Additionally, an ASB card entitles a student to receive a varsity letter if the student has met the criteria established by the extracurricular group or organization the student is involved in. 
Note: Some extracurricular groups have not established criteria for receiving a varsity letter. 
Get an ASB card and start saving!

Business & Activities Office Duties

    • Bell Schedule
    • Daily Bulletin
    • Monthly Calendar
    • Monthly Sports Schedules
    • ASB Cabinet
    • Bus/Transportation & Budget
    • Clubs & Organizations
    • Disbursements & Financial Documents
    • Emergency Planning & Awareness
    • Marquee Sign
    • Custodial
    • School Site Use (Fields, Gym, Cafe, Classrooms, etc.)