Whittier Union High School District

To Achieve and Maintain Excellence


Martin J. Plourde
Superintendent's Message 
Spring 2017

Whittier Union is a special place – one that provides a foundation on which our students, current and incoming, can overcome obstacles, realize their potential and build a successful future.

During this season of growth and transformation, I want to commend our team of educators for their constant dedication to improving student achievement and thank our students for continuing to work and study hard as we head into the home stretch of the 2016-17 school year.
I am inspired by the many success stories coming out of our schools, from our students being accepted to universities across the state and around the country, to our hardworking staff members being recognized for simply doing what they love to do – supporting and guiding our kids as they prepare for their futures.
One flagship program that has been instrumental to fostering a college-going culture on our campuses is the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) college-readiness program. This year, Pioneer High School was named an AVID National Demonstration School and Santa Fe High, which has held the title since 2001, was re-validated as a demonstration site. We are incredibly excited that our District is home to two such esteemed programs, which will serve as examples to campuses across the nation of what student achievement looks like. All of our schools have made great strides to enhance their curriculum, give students the tools to prepare for the rigors of college life and raise the bar for student expectations.
And many students have met those expectations, showcasing their tenacity and resiliency as they persevere in and out of the classroom. The transformation of some of our students in part speaks to the availability and dedication of our teachers and staff.
This includes instructors and guidance counselors who have spent a better part of their careers mentoring, challenging and guiding our students. It is a privilege to see the fine work taking place in our classrooms and our staff being nationally recognized for it.
At Whittier Union, we believe that no student should face barriers to learning. This includes students in our alternative education programs who are being empowered to look beyond what they think is possible and reach for their dreams.
These stories attest to the impact our high-quality programs have on their continued academic excellence. Some of this data has been captured in the new California School Dashboard, which evaluates district, school and student performance based on various measures.
We are proud that Whittier Union has been at the forefront of this movement, collecting student data, reviewing it consistently and adjusting our plans accordingly to increase their learning over the last 15 years.
We will continue to do whatever it takes to further our efforts to improve achievement at all levels and I look forward to celebrating end-of-year achievements along with our Whittier Union community. 
Martin J. Plourde


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