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Sandra Thorstenson - WUHSD Superintendent
Superintendent's Message

Winter 2015/2016

As we approach the end of the first semester, our teachers continue to work feverishly to educate our students for the many academic challenges and opportunities to come. 

That same dedication can be credited for the 2015 Golden Bell Award we are thrilled Whittier High School won for its Academic Mentor Program. The prestigious award not only recognizes the program’s reputation in the education community, but also how it has transformed the lives of our students.

I cannot begin to describe how tremendously proud I am of the teachers, staff, administrators and students who made this rigorous program an example to schools statewide on how to positively impact student achievement and academic growth while keeping their individual needs in mind.

Meanwhile, students across our schools are showcasing the skills they’ve acquired in our newly modernized 21st century facilities. With a team of dedicated educators behind them, our students are garnering accolades for their dedicated passion for learning, exploring world subjects through digital tools and building electric vehicles from the ground up.

While most of our modernization efforts have focused on enhancing classrooms and libraries, we continue to work on revitalizing athletic facilities. To do so, our Board of Trustees authorized issuance of the final $18.9 million in Measure W bonds and refinancing of a portion of the bonds issued through Measure C. Thanks to the board’s fiscally prudent decision-making, taxpayers will save $12.2 million.

We are always looking for ways to maximize our funding and provide the most opportunities to enrich the lives of our students and community.

It is my pleasure to share with you that we have successfully established the Whittier Union High School District Educational Foundation to support our students, schools and high-quality programs. Led by a Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, this non-profit foundation will raise funds for supplemental and enrichment activities.

It has been a long, but exciting endeavor that will especially help schools that don’t already have a foundation or fundraising organization, as well as assist us in qualifying for more grants to continue providing a rich education for our students.

These first few months demonstrate how extraordinarily productive the year is shaping up to be at Whittier Union. We are proud to serve the community and are committed to providing every single student the best opportunities and experiences to succeed in college and career. 


Sandra Thorstenson


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