March 30, 2020

Hello Class,
I hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and fun spring break.  I realize it must have been a very different Spring Break for all, me included.  Today I would like to invite all of you to a ZOOM session with me at 11:00.  Zoom is a video conferencing app/website that will allow all of us to see and hear from you.  You may use zoom on your phone, tablet, or computer.  If you do not have a device with a camera or microphone, no worries, you can still join in to see and hear everyone else.  In addition to this post, I will be personally texting parents to personally invite them to the zoom session.  
How do you join a zoom class?
You will be receiving an email from me later on today inviting all of you to our ZOOM class. 
Hope to see and hear from you soon