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Remote Learning



019 4.23.2020

Good morning
Google classroom has been updated.  We will be covering sports and the overall health benefits.

018 4.22.2020

Good morning,
I updated google classroom and we will continue with Earth Day theme. 

017 4.22.2020

Good morning,
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I update morning instruction and will share a video.  Everything has been updated on google classroom.

016 4.16.2020

Good morning,
I updated google classroom.  Today we will cover vocational sites and the process for looking for a job. 

015 4.15.2020

Good morning,
I updated are morning lesson. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. It was nice seeing everyone who participated yesterday in are virtual classroom.

014 4.9.2020

Good morning,
Google classroom has been updated.  If you have any questions or comments contact me via email, text or call. 

013 4.7.2020

Good morning, 
I have been updating are google classroom daily with new work and assignments.  

012 4.6.2020

Good morning,
I hope everyone is healthy! Today we will cover social emotional and how we make friends.
You can find the lesson in are google classroom.  

011 4.3.2020

Good morning,
Today we will cover money skills and the dollar over. If you have any questions or comments post, email, text or call met.

010 4.2.2020

Good morning guys,
I hope everyone continues to practice safe social distancing and washing your hands. Today I want us to look at career exploration. What are some of your strengths? Are you organized, strong, problem solver, self stater ect. I will attach a worksheet for you guys to work on. If you have any questions please share, post, email me. I want to welcome Jonathan to the google class and all the staff, Jessica, Frank, Celina and Jerald thank you guys for joining. We will make the most of this crazy situation.

009 4.1.2020

Good morning guys,

Today we will be working on communication and independent living skills using the morning instruction and if you have any question or comments please share them. You guys can reach me via email, text or phone call. 

All the assignments and lesson are in are google classroom.  

008 3.31.2020

Good morning guys,
Assignment to work on communication whether you are verbal, sign, write, FC or combination of all. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions. I left blank slides in between incase you want to fill in your answer here.
This assignment is in are google classroom. 

007, 3.30.2020

Good morning guys,

As we continue to be home I know it can be challenging.  Developing a routine and keeping connect with friends and family is a good way to stay positive. 

If you have not developed a routine maybe as a class can start to talk about good ideas and if you have your routine down, you can share it with us.  Feel free to email or text me.  I posted the same question in are google classroom.


Good morning everyone,
I hope you are all staying healthy and happy! I posted a question in are google classroom for you all to answer at your convenience.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding the lesson i posted.
Stay safe.

005 3.19.2020

Good morning guys!
I posted a question on google classroom.  Let me know if you guys have any question. 
thank you