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Robin Merlo » Vocational Resource Class (VRC)

Vocational Resource Class (VRC)

I am currently teaching the Vocational Resource Class (VRC).  The primary focus of the VRC is employment. Students in the VRC are working on skills that will support their acquisition of employment.  We will address good work habits and strong work ethics.  As part of this focus, students will work on completing applications for employment, understanding the importance of a resume and creating and keeping their resume up to date.  In order to develop skills, real world job experience is part of the daily routine.  Students will work in real community job experiences earning wages.  Students are provided a variety of experiences ranging from retail to landscaping, to the food service industry.  Students will work on money management such as creating a budget and strategies to follow that budget.  Since being a part of the community is important the students will gain an understanding of the resources available to them in the community, such as the post office, city hall, etc. and what these resources offer them and how to access them.  Some students in the VRC are interested in obtaining their CA Driver's License.  We work on learning how to navigate the DMV, explore practice tests so that they are better prepared to take the exam at the DMV.