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Whittier Union High School District To Achieve and Maintain Excellence...

Superintendent's Message

December 2020

Dear Whittier Union High School Community, superintendent

We have made it to the end of fall semester, and we have done so by staying true to our District motto to “Achieve and Maintain Excellence.” Our students, families and certificated and classified staff have shown their commitment to education, supporting Whittier Union throughout these trying times.

As superintendent, I have been very moved seeing how our community has come together to support each other through our shared challenges.

Though we started the school year off with remote learning, I know we all have been holding onto hope that we would all be back on campus before the end of the year. It has been difficult to watch COVID-19 numbers continue to rise. I know our students, parents and teachers are feeling that impact, too.

Nevertheless, given the constraints placed on us by the virus, our school community has done a great job.

To better connect students with each other, our schools increased their social media presence. Our teachers worked collaboratively with students to plan virtual events and activity nights, bringing some normalcy back into their school routines. Our students, teachers and staff also worked together to host virtual homecoming events, weekly club meetings, and even planned and presented virtual choir and theater performances.

Though it has been great to see this collaboration, we know it is not an ideal situation. Whittier Union continues to work tirelessly, preparing to welcome our students back to campus as soon as it is safe to do so.

I want to thank you all for your commitment to education and patience as we navigate through challenges. You are what makes Whittier Union a wonderful educational institute.

Please continue to do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and enjoy your holiday break safely. I wish you all happy holidays. I hope the new year brings new opportunities and positivity for us all.

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Martin J. Plourde

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