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Whittier Union High School District To Achieve and Maintain Excellence...

Superintendent's Message

Spring 2019

Dear Whittier Union community,

We’ve officially launched into the spring season – a busy time of year when our students are preparing to sprint to the finish line of another successful school year and leap into the next chapter of their lives. 

Under the exemplary leadership of our Board of Trustees, and with the support and dedication of our teachers, staff and administrators, our District has successfully fostered an environment in which our students continue to thrive and forge a path to higher education.

I want to reflect on the accomplishments our students have achieved, the recognition our faculty and schools have earned and our collective desire to ensure our students are prepared for their future endeavors in college, career and life.

Take, for instance, our students who are winning prestigious awards, including a $40,000 Edison Scholarship; scholars who are earning recognitions from elite Ivy League universities such as Yale; and student-athletes winning CIF championships.

Many are accomplishing amazing feats, including participating in our challenging Science Cup, while others are achieving personal bests as they get recognized with Awards of Merit for embodying leadership among their peers.

Our staff and schools, too, are making an indelible mark: two schools have been recognized for increasing female representation in our STEM courses; three teachers have been named experts in their field; and one of our teachers has written a book detailing the inspiring experiences of our students.

While these accomplishments remain constant, we as a District are going to be undergoing a change.

In February, our Board of Trustees selected a trustee-area map in preparation for our District transitioning from at-large to by-trustee area elections beginning in November 2020. This process was strengthened by the engagement of our school community – our students, teachers, staff, parents, concerned citizens and community partners.

As we embark on this new journey, we remain committed to fostering diversity, providing a quality education to every student and ensuring they have the support and resources to succeed.

What we have in Whittier Union is special and not easily replicated. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead this District and to be a part of team of educators that helps our students believe in themselves and reach their fullest potential.

Martin J. Plourde


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