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Whittier Union High School District To Achieve and Maintain Excellence...

Safety First

Safety is the number 1 priority of the Maintenance & Operations Department. We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students, staff and the public. The Maintenance & Operations department utilizes all of its resources and also relies on the expertise of outside agencies to achieve this goal. The following practices are employed by the Maintenance & Operations department.

µ The Custodial staff at each school site performs monthly inspections of the buildings and grounds.

µ Additionally, the Director of Business Services along with a hired consultant, inspect each school site annually to ensure that the campuses are safe, clean and functional. When deficiencies are discovered, the school site maintenance crew as well as, the district Maintenance & Operations crew work together to resolve the issues. If any required work is beyond the scope of either of these two resources, the district contracts out to have the work performed.

µ City/County fire marshals also perform yearly fire inspections at each our school sites. When any safety issues are discovered during the inspections the Maintenance & Operations department rectifies them. 


µ Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Dr. Bill Jordan, who is responsible for the Injury and Illness Prevention Program, oversees all of the repair work. The Injury and Illness Prevention training program is designed to meet Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health Agency requirements for safety training and accident prevention. The program was developed by the District with the assistance of the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), consultants, and the Northern California Schools Insurance Group.


µ Safety Meetings

In addition to focusing on safe facilities at the school sites, the Maintenance & Operations employees also have bi-monthly safety meetings to keep safe practices at the forefront of everything we do. Some of the topics covered at the safety meetings are as follows:

µ General First Aid

µ General Fire Protection

µ General Safe Work Practices

µ Safety Rules

µ Electrical Safety

µ Spill Prevention Plan

µ Emergency Action Plan

µ Blood Borne Pathogens Control Plan

µ Lead Awareness

µ Hazardous Materials Communication Plan

µ Lockout/Tagout Plan

µ Confined Space Entry Plan

µ Respiratory Protection Plan

µ Asbestos Management Plan

µ Chemical Hygiene Plan

µ Emergency Procedures Plan

Each new employee also receives a health and safety handbook geared toward their typical job duties and job site.

Maintenance & Operations performs yearly backflow preventor inspections at each site. The Safety & Loss Control Coordinator oversees the yearly update training for employees on the subject of bloodborne pathogens control.

Many of the Maintenance & Operations staff members are currently certified with various levels of asbestos and lead related training per EPA regulations. These staff members are required to update their certifications annually.