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Professional Development Library

Below is the list of books and materials available for check-out from Cindy Frith, x1190 (
TITLE                                                                                                                   AUTHOR              
Time on Task AASA
Unwrapping the Standards Ainsworth, Larry
Power Standards, Identifying the Standards that Matter the Most Ainsworth, Larry - 2003
Hitting the Mark Aker, Don
Its Never Too Late Allen, Janet
On the Same Page Allen, Janet
Tools for Teaching Content Literacy Allen, Janet
Words, Words, Words Allen, Janet
Yellow Bricks Roads Allen, Janet
Teaching Reading is Rocket Science (spiral) American Fed of Teachers
ADD/ADHD Alternatives in the Classroom Armstrong, Thomas
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom Armstrong, Thomas
Information Transformation Armstrong, Tricia
Who Moved My Cheese Banchard, Kenneth
Handbook of Research On Multicultural Education Banks, James A. 
Multi Cultural Education Banks, James A. 
Content Area Literacy Bean, Thomas W.
Authors Profile Beaver, Teri
Into Focus: Understanding and Creating Middle School Readers Beers, Kylene
Beyond Words Benedict, Susan
Block Schedules; Insturctional Strategies that Enhance Student Learning In Blk Schedules BER VHS & Resource Guide
Failure Is Not an Option Blankstein, Alan
Engaging Every Learner Blankstein, Alan; Cole, Robert; Houston, P.
Building Sustainable Leadership Capacity Blankstein, Alan; Houston, Paul; Cole Robert
Sustaining Professional Learning Communities Blankstein, Alan; Houston, Paul; Cole Robert
Bringing Out the Best in Teachers - What Effective Principals Do Blasé, Joseph; Kirby, Peggy
Peer Assistance and Review Reader Bloom, Gary
Cliffs CBEST Preparation Guide Bobrow, Jerry
Staff Esteem Builders Borba, Michele
From Difficult Teacher to Dynamic Teams - Proven Solutions for Toxic Behaviors! Brock, Barbara; Grady, Marilyn
Case For Constructivistm Classrooms, The Brooks, Martin G. 
Breaking Ranks: Changing an American Institution Brown, Don
Why Workshop Bullock, Richard
English Teachers Companion, The Burke, Jim
Reading Reminders Burke, Jim
Education on the Edge of Possibility Caine, Geoffrey
Making Connections Caine, Renate N.
Using Data to Assess Your Reading Program Calhoun, Emily
Art of Teaching Writing, The Calkins, Lucy McCormick
Lessons From a Child Calkins, Lucy McCormick
First-Class Teacher Canter & Associates
Succeeding with Standards Carr, Judy F.
Tales of Thinking Carreiro, Paul
Handhelds for Teachers & Administrators Caughlin, Janet
Aiming High CDE
Hate-Motivated Behavior in Schools CDE
Reading/Language Arts Framework 1999 CDE
Strategic Teaching and Learning CDE
Put Your Oxygen Mask on First (spiral) Clement, Mary C.
On These Walls, Inspriptions & Quotations in the Buildings jof the Library of Congress Cole, John Y. - 1995
Educating Everybodys Children Cole, Robert W.
Good to Great, Why Some Companies Make the Leapand Others Don't Collins, Jim - 2001
Assessing Reading CORE
Reading Research CORE
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Covey, Sean
How to Keep Students in School CSBA
Winning Strategies for Classroom Management Cummings, Carol
When Adolescents Cant Read Curtis, Mary E.
Literature Circles Daniels, Harvey
Rethinking High School Best  Practice in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Daniels, Havey, Bizar, Marilyn - 2001
Enhancing Student Achievement (A Framework for School Improvement) Danielson, Charlotte
Talk About Teaching!  Leading Professional Conversations Danielson, Charlotte
A License to Teach Darling-Hammond, Linda
Right to Learn Darling-Hammond, Linda
Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective Davidman, Leonard
Leadership Paradox, The Deal, Terrence E.
Getting Started Dufour, Richard
Through New Eyes-Examining the Culture of Your School (VHS) DuFour, Richard
Whatever It Takes: How Professional Learning Communities Respond Dufour, Richard
Making Content Comprehensible for ELL Echevarria, Jana
Accelerating Academic Achievement Educational Testing Center
From Risk Charting a Course For Reform Educational Week
Cooperative Learning 1 Ellis, Susan S.
Teaching Reading in High School English Classes Ericson, Bonnie O.
Classroom of Choice, The Erwin, Jonathan C.
Literature Discussion Groups in the Intermediate Grades Evans, Karen S.
Survive & Thrive in Teaching Evans, Sandra M.
101 Great Educational Uses for Your Handheld Computer Fasimpaur, Karen
Differentiating Textbooks Forsten, Char
Standards for Learning Foster, Graham
Closing The Achievement Gap Freeman, Yvonne S.
How to Teach Reading Fry, Edward
Reading Teachers Book of Lists Fry, Edward 
Are You Still Teaching Fuery, Carol
Breakthrough - Redesign Classroom Instruction to Transform Learning for Both Students & Teachers Fullan, Michael; Hill, Peter; Crevola, Carmel
How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader Gabriel, John
Tools for Learning Gall, M.D.
Best Practices in Literacy Instruction Gambrell, Linda B.
In The Classroom Gerson, Mark
Ten Commandments of Good Teaching, The Gill, Vickie
Leadership for Learning Glickman, Carl D.
Supervision of Instruction Glickman, Carl D.
Guide to Study Skills Globe Fearon
Emotional Intelligence Golman, Daniel - 1995
On Reading Goodman, Ken
How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed Gordon, Stephen P.
Taming the Time Stealers Gore, M. C.
Study Skills Handbook Graham, Kenneth G.
Writing Coach Grant, Janet E.
Student-Led Conferences Grant, Janet Millar
Teaching Day By Day Graves, Donald H.
Great Teachers Make A Difference (Inspirational Quotes) Gray, Gwen - 2003
From Good Schools to GREAT Schools - What Principals Do Well Gray, Susan Penny; Streshly, William
Alternative Assessment Haas, Nancy
How to Study in High School Hardy, Lois Lynn
Inspiring Active Learning Harmin, Merrill
Critical Thinking Harnadek, Anita
Nonfiction Matters Harvey, Stephanie
Strategies That Work Harvey, Stephanie
Getting Results Hayes Jacobs, Heidi
Interdisciplinary Curriculum  Hayes-Jacobs, Heidi
First Amendment in Schools Haynes, Charles
Teachers Wanted Heller, Daniel
A Practical Guide to Alternative Assessment Herman, Joan L.
Second Language Learning High, Julie
Guiding Professional Learning Communities - The How-To Guide for Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining A PLC! Hord, Shirley; Roussin, James; Sommers, William
Leading Professional Learing Communities - Voices From Research & Practice Hord, Shirley; Sommers, William
Leaders as Communicators and Diplomats Houston, Pau;l Blankstein, Alan; Cole, Robert
Out-of-the-Box Leadership Houston, Pau;l Blankstein, Alan; Cole, Robert
Spirituality in Educational Leadership Houston, Pau;l Blankstein, Alan; Cole, Robert
Art of Classroom Inquiry, The Hubbard, Ruth
Visual Tools Hyerle, David
Words Their Way Invernizzi, Marcia
Beyond Standards Jago, Carol
Classics in the Classroom Jago, Carol
Cohesive Writing: Why Concept Is Not Enough Jago, Carol
With Rigor for All Jago, Carol
Accountability Dialogues Jamentz, Kate - 2001
Arts with the Brain in Mind Jensen, Eric
Circles of Learning Johnson, David
Leading the Cooperative School Johnson, David W.
Cooperative Learning 2 -Spiral Book Kagan, Spencer
Please Understand Me Keirsey, David
Inside Out Kirby, Dan
Secrets for Secondary School Teachers Kottler, Ellen
Leadership Capacity for Lasting School Improvement Lambert, Linda
Portfolio Source Book Lane, Barry
Revisers Toolbox Lane, Barry
Writing as a Road to Self Discovery Lane, Barry
Big Picture, The Littky, Dennis
Continuing to Learn Loucks-Horsley, Susan
Faculty Team, The Mahan, David  J.
A Different Kind Of Classroom Marzano, Robert J.
Assessing Student Outcomes Marzano, Robert J.
Classroom Instruction that Works Marzano, Robert J.
Classroom Management Marzano, Robert J.
Transforming Classroom Grading Marzano, Robert J.
What Works In Schools Marzano, Robert J.
10 Traits of Highly Effective Schools - Raising the Achievement Bar for All Students McEwan, Elaine
Teacher Evaluation McLaughlin, Milbrey W.
Handbook of Teaching and Learning Miller, Philip Nellums
I See What You Mean Moline, Steve
Working with Paraeducators and Other Classroom aides Morgan, Jill
Asking Better Questions Morgan, Norah
Writing Portfolios Murphy, Sandra
How To Grade for Learning O'Connor, Ken - 2002
Turning the Tide of Exclusion Olsen, Laurie
Authentic Assessment for English Language Learners O'Malley, J. Michael
25 Biggest Mistakes Orange, Carolyn
Making Schools Work Ouchi, William - 2003
Evaluative Inquiry Usine Evaluation To Promote Student Success Parsons, Beverly A. - 2002
Smart Schools Perkins, David
Effective Teacher Hiring Peterson, Kenneth D.
Spelling Teachers Book of Lists, The Phenix, Jo
SSR Handbook, The Pilgreen, Janice
Reading Instruction That Works Pressley, Michael
Accountability For Learning Reeves, Douglas B.
Accountability In Action Reeves, Douglas B.
Daily Disciplines of Leadership, The Reeves, Douglas B. - 2002
Leader's Guide to Standards, A Blueprint for Educational Equity & Excellence  Reeves, Douglas B. - 2002
Evolving Multicultural Classroom Reissman, Rose
I Won't Read and You Can't Make Me Reynolds, Marilyn
MegaSkills Rich, Dorothy
Read it Aloud Richardson, Judy S.
Seeking Diversity Rief, Linda
How to Plan and Implement a Peer Coaching Program Robbins, Pam
Teachers Workplace Rosenholtz, Susan
Compact for Reading Guide Russo, Mary
Why Didn't I learn This In College Rutherford, Paula
How to Make Decisions That Stay Made Saphier, Jon
Working Together Reading & Writing in Inclusive Classroom Scala, Marilyn C.
Results Fieldbook, Practical Strategies from Dramatically Improved Schools Schmoker, Mike - 2001
Reading for Understanding Schoenbach, Ruth
Supporting Intermediate & Secondary Readers Schultz, Armin R.
High School Test Prep SDCOE
Shortest Distance to Learning Simmons, JoAn
Horace's Hope - What Works for the Amercian High School Sizer, Theodore R. - 1996
Horce's Compromise The Dilemma of the American High School Sizer,Theodore R - 1984
Using Equity Audits to Create Equitable & Excellent Schools Skrla, Linda; McKenzie Bell, Kathryn; Scheurich, James Joseph
Education and Public Health Smith, Jenny
Strengthening Student Learning/BER Sorgen, Mary
A New Vision for Staff Development Sparks, Dennis
Leading for Results - Transforming Teaching, Learning,  and Relationships in Schools Sparks, Dennis
Vocabulary Development Stahl, Steven A.
California Standards for the Teaching Profession July 1997 State of California
If this is Social Studies, Why Isnt it Boring Steffey, Stephanie
Life Cycle of the Career Teacher Steffy, Betty E.
First Aid for Reading Stoneman, Sonya
Qualities of Effective Teachers Stronge, James H.
How To Use The Internet In Your Classroom Teachers Network
Portfolio Assessment in the Reading/Writing Classroom Tierney, Robert J.
Nurturing At-Risk Youth in Math & Science Tobias, Randolf
I Read It, But I Dont Get It Tovani, Cris
Creating an Inclusive School Villa, Richard A.
Motivate!  Inspire!  Lead!  10 Strategies for Building Collegial Learning Communities Vojtek, RoseAnne O'Brien; Vojtek, Robert
Access for Success, Designing & Using High Quality Paper and Pencil Test Wahlstrom, Deborah - 2002
Teaching and Learning Are Lifelong Journeys (Inspriational Quotes) Wayant, Patricia
Instructional Leadership to Support Students - Based Practice (spiral) WestEd
Teachers Who Learn Kids Who Achieve WestEd
Literature and Cooperative Learning: Pathway to Literacy Whisler, Nancy
Understanding by Design Wiggins, Grant
Reading Don't Fix No Chevys Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Reading Is Seeing Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
I Hate School Wirths, Claudine G.
First Days of School, The Wong, Harry
Portfolios in the Writing Classroom Yancey, Kathleen
Transforming Schools Zmuda, Allison