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Aeries Mobile App - Parents & Students

You may have heard that the Grades app is going away. If you don't know what that is, it's a phone app that most students currently use to check their grades on Aeries. It is an unofficial app and not connected to the Aeries Company. Pretty soon, it will no longer work, and students will not be able to access their grades through that app. 

The good news is that Aeries recently released their own official app on both
iOS and Android called 

Aeries Mobile Portal!



Aeries App


The Aeries Mobile Portal is a mobile app for Parents and Students to use to access demographics, grades and attendance information in a concise, mobile-friendly format. Parents, guardians, and students can use their preexisting Parent/Student accounts to gain access to their data. For those parents or students who do not already have accounts, the Aeries Mobile Portal will guide them through the account creation process. 


The Aeries Mobile Portal Apps are available 

on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. 



                Aeries_App_Apple                             Aeries_App_GooglePlay



Students are still able to put in hypothetical scores for assignments/tests to see how different scores/points will affect their grades, just like the Grades app.  Clicking on the pencil icon will put them into "What-if" edit mode. The pencil icon may not seem obvious for this function, so we have attached a screenshot for your reference.







For questions about how to create Parent/Student Portal accounts, please contact your Guidance Office. For more information about the Aeries Mobile App, click here