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California Mentoring Initiative

Creating Mentoring Opportunities for Transition
Age Youth with Disabilities

What is the CMI?

The California Mentoring Initiative for Youth with Disabilities (CMI) is an exciting, long-term, research-based project designed to develop the competence and potential of students with disabilities. Working in collaboration with San Diego State Universitys Interwork Institute and the California Department of Rehabilitation, CMI intends to establish a mentoring model that will increase community integration, postsecondary education and employment for transition age youth participating in the vocational rehabilitation system.

Mentee Selection Process

  • The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) counselors and supervisors will review caseloads to identify potential 16-26 year old transition age youth
  • Mentees must be DOR consumers in plan status
  • Potential mentees should have the ability to respond to periodic surveys and other research requirements
  • Requires participation of 8 hours per month
  • Participate in application and interview process


For Further Information Contact

Ginni Bachtelle

(562) 698-8121 ext. 1284


Richard Rosenberg

(562) 698-8121 ext. 1250