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Californias Bridges to Youth Self-Sufficiency

A Very Special Opportunity for Young People Who Want to Become Independent, Earn More Money and Contribute to the Community

What is Bridges?

Californias Bridges to Youth Self-Sufficiency is an exciting new program sponsored by the Social Security Administration, the California Department of Rehabilitation, and seven California school districts. This program is dedicated to informing and motivating families and young people with disabilities about work and current work incentives, assisting them with the transitions to work, and helping them maximize their economic independence and achieve greater self-sufficiency.

Who Can Participate?

While everyone is welcome to attend our workshops, individuals with the following characteristics are likely to benefit most from this project:

  •   14 25 years of age
  •   U.S. Citizenship or legally eligible to work in the US
  •   Currently receiving SSI/SSDI/CDB or may become eligible for benefits at age 18 when deemed parental income no longer applies
  •   Disabled with disability impacting ability to obtain gainful employment
  •   May be eligible for Department of Rehabilitation and/or Regional Center services 


How Does it Work?

  •   Parent agrees to participate in at least three workshops.
  •   Parent/participant agrees to release his/her employment and benefits information to the school district
  •   Department of Rehabilitation; and other agencies as needed for purposes of the SSA/Bridges Project.
  •   Participant agrees to participate in all required program activities for the five program years. 


For further information please contact:

Benefits Coordinator Teri Chang
(562) 698-8121 x. 1253


Services Coordinator Julie Johnson
(562) 698-8121 x. 1236