WUHSD Fall, 2021 Return to In-Person Learning

All Students will automatically be enrolled for in-person learning. Full-time, in person instruction means a 6 hour day, five days each week.
For those families that are concerned about returning to in-person learning, students may choose to transfer from their current school and enroll in our Independent Study Program, a new type of remote learning option at i-Sierra.
The i-Sierra option will involve classes that are offered virtually (via Zoom) as well as work done independently. It is important to note that should your student wish to transfer, they will no longer be able to access athletics, activities, and co-curricular programs at their current school. This option may not be appropriate for students with IEPs.
If you wish for your student to transfer to this program for the 2021-22 school year, you must notify the Student Services Department at: [email protected] no later than Friday, June 11, who will then share with you next steps in the transfer and i-Sierra Vista enrollment processes.