Santa Fe High School Honored with 24th Student Leadership Award

Santa Fe High School's Student Leadership Class has earned the school its 24th Outstanding Leadership Program Award (OLPA) from the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL), which recognized the class for continuing to spearhead engaging activities and events, and fostering inclusivity and school spirit among students.

OLPA is a distinguished award that is presented to schools in California that display strong student leadership programs that allow students to grow as ethical, responsible, and servant-minded individuals. Through Santa Fe’s Student Leadership Class, students are empowered to explore leadership roles and gain invaluable hands-on experience.

“The award validates the kind of school that we are, and the amount of time, energy, and effort that it takes to make sure that every student feels comfortable on campus and that we have activities that they can be part of,” Santa Fe High School Assistant Principal of Business and Activities Fernie Fernandez said. “We truly feel that having a school that values every student and ensures they feel welcomed and at home is important.”

Twelve students from Santa Fe’s Student Leadership Class attended CASL’s State Conference and received the OLPA on April 15. Throughout the three-day conference, mini-sessions and workshops were hosted for students to learn about different elements of leadership and education, including ways to improve campus life and how to recreate successful events and activities happening at other campuses.

Santa Fe’s Student Leadership Class is made up of 32 students, with four executive board positions and 15 additional positions within the cabinet – such as activities commissioner, secretary, treasurer, and publicity.

“I’ve been in the Associated Student Body (ASB) for three years and every year I see people go from shy to talking to everyone and not being scared to reach out to others. Overall, the improvement that people show in ASB is tremendous,” Santa Fe senior and ASB Speaker of Congress Zulema Gamboa said. “I would tell other students to not be afraid to be a leader. You’ll learn more about yourself and others.”

Through the student-generated class, discussions are propelled by group ideas, daily meetings, and planning and executing events.

The class is open to all grades, with students overseeing campus activities to ensure they are inclusive of everyone while learning the needs of the student body so any matters can be addressed internally.

“Congratulations to our Student Leadership Class for earning this award again and for demonstrating the importance of student leadership opportunities on our campus,” Principal Craig Campbell said. “The students and staff who make up our leadership class are true role models for the school and the entire Santa Fe High community.”


WUHSD_LEADER1: Santa Fe High School’s Student Leadership Class was honored by the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL) with the Outstanding Leadership Program Award, recognizing the class for its continued efforts to provide engaging activities and events for students while fostering inclusivity and school spirit.  

WUHSD_LEADER2: Santa Fe High’s Student Leadership Class is made up of 32 students, with executive board positions and 15 additional positions within the cabinet. Pictured from left to right: senior Zulema Gamboa, who serves as ASB Speaker of Congress; junior Joshua Lopez, who serves as ASB Assemblies Commissioner; and junior Sophia Carlos, who serves as ASB Activities Commissioner. Not pictured is senior Kaylie McMillen, who serves as ASB President, and senior Natalia Ochoa, who serves as the ASB Vice President.

WUHSD_LEADER3: Santa Fe High School’s Leadership Class celebrates receiving its 24th Outstanding Leadership Program Award during the California Association of Student Leaders State Conference on April 15.