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Whittier Union High School District To Achieve and Maintain Excellence...

Counselor - Rosemary Gurrola - Students with last names: Miller-Rodarte & AVID students

Welcome Cardinals,
I hope you're doing well in these challenging times.  Our guidance staff is here to support our students as they navigate their way through high school. I enjoy meeting with students and answering their questions about academic issues as well as supporting them with social/emotional issues. I remember the difficulties I faced in high school and I'm very understanding with our students. Now that we're on an unplanned break from school, I hope that you are all able to access the school work through the teacher websites and that you are doing well emotionally.  If any of my students wish to contact me, the best way is through e-mail:  If you want to speak to me please contact the guidance office at (562) 698-8121 x2030 between the hours of 8 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday and leave a message.  I will be notified. 
Some of the things that our students can do during this challenging time are: Take a walk, sit under a tree, read a book,write a letter to an elderly relative, spend time with a pet, draw pictures and exercise. 
Below are some other helpful links that can be helpful.
Guided Meditation:
Mental health hotlines and crisis information