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Mrs. Bautista, Spanish I and III

Hello my name is Mrs. Bautista and I am your student's Spanish  teacher.  I have been a teacher at Santa Fe High for over twenty years.  
I will either be seeing your son or daughter for either three or four times a week.  If I have your son/daughter  during 0 period, I will see them four times a week.  If I  have your son/daughter during periods 1-6, then I will them three times a week.  I need your help in encouraging your son/daugher to watch television in Spanish, listen to music in Spanish, practice speaking to a relative that speaks Spanish.  By having students do the previous activities, students will begin to understand more of the language.  If you or a family member speaks Spanish, please begin to speak to your son/daughter in Spanish.  It is only through constant practice of listening, speaking, and studying Spanish that your son/daughter will one day become fluent.
I would like to stress the importance of having your son/daughter attend tutorial immediately after they have been absent.  When a student is absent from class, it is their responsibility to attend tutorial and request missing work and tests.  Additionally if a test was missed, students have a two week time period to make up any test.  Please encourage your student to attend tutorial if they were absent.  
Please feel free to contact me at any time.  I update my grades every day. You will be able to view if you son/daughter turned in their homework easily. I look forward to working closely with you the parent and your son/daughter during this school year.  Let's make this year a great one!!!