Week of May 11-15, 2020

Dear everyone, how are all of you doing during this pandemic?  I wanted to update you on all that we are doing on distant learning in our class.  Each week I have 3 zoom classes and lessons with the students in my class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour each day.  We discuss various lessons and also work in the packets that I send home each week to the students.  Also I call the families twice a week, and my staff call 2 students twice a week.  I want to touch basis with the families to see how each family is doing and if there are any concerns.  This week the packets consist of work on the subjects of money management, safety signs, and decision making along with budgeting.  We will talk about it in our zoom lessons.  If you have any questions I have office hours between 11-12 each day and feel free to call.  Have a good week!!  Karen