Technology Services

The Technology Services Department consists of Information and Educational Technology Teams; both essential to identifying, implementing, and managing all aspects of technology in and out of the classroom. Working together, these two teams are able to communicate, plan, and deliver the best customer service possible to all employees, students, and families of the Whittier Union High School District.
The department is constantly keeping an eye on what technology is being used in order to determine what needs to be upgraded, replaced, or removed altogether. New technologies are constantly on our radar and we continually check in with fellow departments and vendors regarding what can be done to make Whittier Union more efficient while providing a better end-user experience.


The WUHSD Technology Services Department will do whatever it takes to provide all staff, students, and community the technology resources needed to provide an engaging, quality standards-based instructional program.



 In order to achieve and maintain excellence, our mission is to deliver, support, and maintain all technology-related tools and resources in providing a comprehensive education for all students.



Assist and support teachers, staff, and community members in the integration of digital tools to improve student learning.



  • Collaborate with District and School Administrators in identifying an appropriate technology upgrade path
  • Assist with and resolve all technology-related issues that arise
  • Use our tools and service catalog to communicate, elevate and solve service requests in a timely manner
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Recommend the most cost-effective solution when appropriate
Recent Technology Services Accomplishments
  • Merged Whittier Union Adult School into all technology operations

  • Implemented Aeries Online Enrollment for all schools

  • Migrated SIS database to a new server and consolidated all previous year databases from previous SIS systems

  • Adhered to various changes with State and Federal data reporting

  • Upgraded all virtual servers to the latest version of VMWare

  • Implemented a new hyper-converged system
  • Full implementation of Apple MDM for managing OSX and iOS devices

  • Deployed 2,400 new Chromebooks to school sites for incoming Freshman class

  • Implemented teacher & staff technology professional development training seminars

  • Full replacement of internal fiber optic network cabling
  • Installed 650+ WiFi 6E Access Points plus a new wireless controller for management
  • Implementation of 1:1 take-home devices for students with insurance options
Underway and Planned Technology Services Goals
  • Upgrade of all classroom projection systems with new screens and 4000-lumen Laser/LED projectors
  • Conversion of the paging system to IP-based technology
  • Upgrade Windows Domain to the latest Windows Server version

  • Configure Microsoft's MDM and implementation tools for newly purchased workstations
  • Identify and implement a new real-time Aeries reporting server
  • Move into Azure for read-only cloud domain services

  • Rollout new core and edge network switches capable of 25 and 40 Gbps - replacing current 1 Gbps hardware

  • Install POTS-over-LTE devices to interface with systems requiring dial-tone phone service
  • Implement a new asset management system in tracking 1:1 devices