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Realizing the Vision

The District Vision expresses our commitment to meet the educational needs of all students, our commitment to the implementation of courses aligned with the state content standards, our commitment to support our teachers, and the expectation of continuous improvement in performance. To support continued growth, Whittier Union’s Board of Trustees adopted Measurable Targets. These Measurable Targets are actively monitored, providing a consistent metric to both guide and evaluate our efforts. The Measurable Targets are:

WUHSD students
  • Student completing CSU/UC a-g Requirements
  • Students On Target for Graduation by Credits
  • API Growth Targets for all Schools and Subgroups
  • English Language Arts and Math CAHSEE Pass Rates
  • Common Assessments in all Core Areas
  • Student Attendance Rates

The key to learning is powerful instruction that is rigorous and relevant to all students. Effective instruction is possible when there is an understanding that rigor is essential for all students, that relevance makes rigor possible, and that strong relationships enable both rigor and relevance in instruction. As our students have grown, we too will grow with a renewed commitment to do Whatever it Takes with intensity, coherence, and focus.

Whatever it Takes Effective instruction needs to be nurtured and supported. In order to do this, our efforts at collaboration continue to increase with intensity for the coherent purpose of improving student knowledge, skills, and success. Our goal is to relentlessly focus upon this work and not be distracted by other new programs or initiatives. Within this framework, Whittier Union's Three Non-Negotiables result in the continual improvement of both teaching and learning:
  1. Collaboration
  2. Common Assessments
  3. Directed, not Invited, Intervention