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Health Info

Health Staff
District Nurses:
  • Sally Lange (California, La Serna, Santa Fe, Whittier)
  • Brooke Delgadillo (Pioneer, Frontier, Sierra Vista)
  • Margie Chilin Martinez (Moderate/Severe Special Education and Transition Program)
Health Services Clerk:
Nancy Perez
Extensions for School Health Offices
  • California High School: Ext. 3087
  • La Serna High School: Ext. 6125
  • Pioneer High School: Ext. 5413
  • Santa Fe High School: Ext. 4024
  • Whittier High School: Ext. 2084
  • Frontier High School: Ext. 1179
  • Sierra Vista High School: Ext. 1179
  • Moderate/Severe Special Education and Transition Program: Ext. 1252
Immunization Requirements for School
  • Students are required to have all required immunizations before attending school.
  • Conditional admission is allowed for students who have received some of their immunizations, but are not due for any vaccine dose at the time of admission.
  • Guide to Immunization Requirements for School Entry: English  Spanish
  • Starting July 1, 2019, students are required to have two doses of the chicken pox vaccine (varicella).
Medical Exemptions
  • Beginning January 1, 2021, all new medical exemptions for school must be issued through the CAIR-ME online state system. Medical Exemptions can only be issued by MDs or DOs licensed in California and must meet certain criteria.
  • Medical exemptions filed before 7th grade are not valid for high school.  
  • Medical exemption FAQs
Personal Beliefs Exemptions
  • Since January 1, 2016, parents or guardians are no longer allowed to submit a personal beliefs exemption for a required vaccine.
  • Personal beliefs FAQs
Special Circumstances
  • Students are no longer required to have immunizations for entry if they attend an independent study program and do not receive classroom-based instruction. 
  • Students who have an individualized education plan (IEP) should continue to receive all necessary services identified in their IEP regardless of their vaccination status.
Information about Communicable Diseases