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Research in Arts Education

Arts Education and Arts Advocacy

Advice From a Dean of Admissions on Selecting High School Courses - Tanya Abrams (New York Times, 5/13/13)

Arts and Humanities in Education - Jerrod Wheeler (jerrodwheeler.net, 1/29/15)

Ars Education Advocacy Tool Kit (PDF) - Kennedy Center Alliance For Arts Education, 2009

Arts Education and Cognitive Development: Compiling the Research - Jeff Poulin (Americans for the Arts, 3/16/15)

Arts Education Facts - The Arts: Ask For More (additional links, left of webpage)

Arts Education Opportunities, Achievement Gaps Remain - The Dana Foundation, 6/15/09

The Chorus America Impact Study - Chorus America, 2009

The Effects of Theater Education - American Alliance for Theater & Education (many additional sources at the bottom of the webpage)

How Music Benefits Individual Development in Children (slideshow) - YCIS Shanghai

The Importance of Fine Arts Education - Katy Independent School District (additional sources at

the bottom of article)

The Importance of Taking Children to Museums - Rebecca Gross (National Endowment for the Arts, 6/20/14)

Infographic of the Benefits of Music Education - Eric Davenport (Suzuki Violin School, 9/14/14)

Major Benefits for Students Who Attend Live Theater - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (10/16/14)

A Portrait of the Visual Arts: Meeting the Challenges of a New Era - RAND Corporation, 2005

Staying in School: Arts Education and New York City High School Graduation Rates - The Center for Arts Education, Oct. 2009

Stop “Defending” Music Education - Peter Greene (Huffington Post, 6/11/15)

Why an Arts Education? - East Fort Worth Montessori Academy, 5/17/13

Why Arts Education is Crucial, and Who’s Doing It Best - Fran Smith (Edutopia, 1/28/09)


Why dance is just as important as math in school - Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica, 4/2/18


How to Keep the Integrity of Art in STEAM - Tracy Hare, The Art of Education
STEM to STEAM - STEM to STEAM website
STEAM Art Lessons - Tricia Fuglestad, SMORE website

Cross-Curricular Connections

Don’t Worry, Not Everyone Thinks Your Liberal Arts Degree is Useless - Savannah L. Barker (Neon Tommy, 4/21/15)

Harvard Joins Growing Trend of Arts Education in Medical Schools - Melissa Bailey (Boston Globe, 11/2/15)

Research & Data

Arts Education Navigator: Facts & Figures - Americans For the Arts, 2013

Arts With the Brain in Mind (educational review) - Eric Jensen

Using Arts Statistics - Lindsay Price, 2014


Arts Branding Sucks: Here Are 4 Ways to Fix It - Brian Millar (Fast Company Design, 11/9/12)


Americans for the Arts

National Arts Marketing Project

The True Purpose of Art (YouTube) - Aurelia Shimkus (TEDxRiga, 8/10/15)

Why Art is Important (YouTube) - Katerina Gregos (TEDxGhent, 9/2/14)