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VAPA Statement of Beliefs

“Whittier Union is dedicated to equity, access, and excellence.

- WUHSD Whatever It Takes Guide to Instructional Direction (2011)


Asserting that the Arts ennoble the human condition, and that systemic arts education is the most powerful way to preserve and strengthen our culture, we believe that all students in the WUHSD deserve a comprehensive Arts program that values critical thinking and creative expression. An organized infrastructure and informed network of support for arts instruction and programs is essential.  



VAPA Statement of Values: We believe our students are best served by our seven (7) core values and guiding philosophies:

  1. Visual and Performing Arts are core subjects.
  2. Students involved in arts education are balanced students and citizens.
  3. Systemic support for sequential arts education needs to be established and maintained.
  4. Arts programs need consistent access to facilities, resources, and funding.
  5. Visual and Performing Arts teachers require relevant art – specific professional development.
  6. WUHSD Community must increase district and community – wide arts collaboration and promotion.
  7. VAPA teachers will continue rigorous and relevant standards - based arts instruction.