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Program Design


Time Commitment:

2 years
1 year Early Completion Option (if candidate meets requirements per LACOE)

Program Requirements:

  • Attend initial LACOE Informational and Advisement Meetings.
  • Meet with mentor once a week.
  • Gather evidence and research of teacher practice and complete portfolio tools collaboratively with mentor.
  • Develop and support goals within the context of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP will address the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and provide a road map for a candidate's Induction work. The candidate and mentor, along with input from site administration, will collaboratively develop the ILP within the first 60 days of the candidate's enrollment in the program.
  • Complete 3 modules per year and upload tools to Canvas online platform.
  • Attend two Teacher Learning Community meetings the first year and one the second year of Induction.
  • Attend a minimum of 3 Professional Development Trainings relating to the ILP goal each year.
For more specific information on the LACOE Consortium Induction Program, follow this link.