Newborns: Information and Care

Bonding/Vinculacion con el bebe
Bonding is essential for your baby. For information on bonding with your baby, click the link below.
Caring for your baby/Cuidando a tu bebe
This booklet is designed to provide new parents with information about how to care for newborn babies and what to expect. Click the link below. 
Tips for first time parents/Consejos para padres
This guide will provide tips for first time parents as they begin life with their new baby. Click the link below
Nurse-Family Partnership/Programa para obtenir tu enferma personal (gratis)
By calling and signing up for this free service, first time moms can get the extra care and support from their own personal nurse from the time they find out they are pregnant (must be 28 weeks pregnant or less) up until their baby is 2 years old.
Click here for more information.
Local Support Group/Grupo de apoyo
It is important for moms to feels supported. Sign up for a local support group where you can connect with and talk to other moms.